Democratic Chairman on Governor’s Medicaid Expansion Plan

December 15th, 2014 by TNDP



DECEMBER 15th, 2014

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.- Democratic Party Chairman Roy Herron released the following statement today regarding Governor Haslam’s announcement of his plan for Medicaid expansion:

“The governor’s plan is too little, too late. Years of [...]

Democratic Chairman Calls on Rep. Fincher to Denounce Staffer’s Facebook Attack on Obama Children

December 1st, 2014 by TNDP

DECEMBER 1st, 2014
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NASHVILLE, Tenn.-Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Roy Herron called on Congressman Stephen Fincher today to renounce the personal attacks that one of his staff members made against Sasha [...]

Fact-Checking Carol Swain: Debunking Myths about Amendment One

October 25th, 2014 by TNDP

Fact Checking Carol Swain’s Response to Chairman Herron’s No on One Op-Ed

Carol Swain accused Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Herron and those opposing Amendment One as having “no regard for truth”. But in reality, it is Swain that distorts or ignores the facts to make her argument for Amendment One. Swain makes a number [...]

TNDP Chairman Roy Herron in the Tennessean: Amendment One would destroy rights

October 11th, 2014 by TNDP


Amendment 1 would destroy, not ‘neutralize’ rights

During early voting or on Nov. 4, you will vote on a state constitutional amendment to strip a woman of her right to make a terribly difficult, personal decision. Instead of letting a woman decide with her faith, her family and her doctor, Amendment 1 would let [...]


October 10th, 2014 by Angela Minor

For Immediate Release                                         October 10, 2014

(Murfreesboro, Tenn., October 10, 2014) – Lenda Sherrell, Democrat for Congressional District 4, is calling into question Congressman Scott DesJarlais’ voting record and lack of support for victims of domestic violence. Sherrell discusses this difficult issue plaguing Tennessee in a commercial released today.


Last year, there were 78,495 incidents of domestic abuse reported in the state. According to a report by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the state had the sixth-highest rate of women murdered by men in the nation. In Congressional District 4, Columbia has the highest rate of domestic violence in the state.


“Representative DesJarlais could have helped women and children in his district, but an examination of his congressional record illustrates he has not made efforts to protect his constituents,” said Sherrell. “His voting record calls into question his priorities.”


He voted against:

  • Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act
  • Considering paycheck fairness
  • Increasing the minimum wage which would help families
  • Denying abortions to women to prevent death during emergency medical conditions
  • Creating a committee to reduce child abuse and neglect – a bill by Representative Dave Camp (R-MI) that received bipartisan support.


“Dr. DesJarlais will always refer to his past as old news, but he has not done anything in Congress to show he has changed his pattern of behavior as it relates to women and children. Representative DesJarlais had opportunities to vote on legislation to protect victims of domestic violence, allow life-saving procedures to save mothers, help women breadwinners working in low-wage jobs, and lower the rates of child abuse in Tennessee and the rest of the country. We cannot forget his lapse in legislative judgement,” Sherrell added.


To schedule media interviews, contact Beryl Chong at (775) 682-0152(775) 682-0152. See below, women of Congressional District 4 who are standing with Lenda on the issue of domestic violence.


Brenda Ables, retired special education teacher and former Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Tennessee Department of Education, 

“I support Lenda because she supports women. I know that she wants equal pay for equal work when her granddaughters enter the workplace. Her sense of fairness and compassion are also shown by her support for stronger laws on domestic violence. I am weary of having a congressman who does not value the work of women and the issues we face.” 


Jo Ann Barker, retired Episcopalian priest, Sewanee.

“I support Lenda Sherrell for Congress because she lives the kind of life you and I should expect of our representative.  As a mother, grandmother, and wife Lenda’s standards for women are high. Lenda abhors domestic violence against women and, unlike her opponent, will support legislation that helps those victims. I support Lenda’s position that lifts up women as equal to men, who should be paid an equal amount for equal work.  I want to see Lenda in Washington, making my life better but, more importantly, giving my daughter hope for a better future.”


Ametrice “Meechie” Biggers, real estate agent, Lewisburg.

“Scott Desjarlias talks the talk, but it is clear that he does not walk the walk. He says he is pro-life, but his actions have shown otherwise.  He wants forgiveness for his past behavior with respect to women, yet he votes against the Violence against Women Act.


We are tired of these career politicians doing and saying what ever to get elected.   We need a fresh start with someone who believes that her job will be to represent the people.  That person is Lenda Sherrell. We may not always agree on policy, but she will always be worthy of our trust. I stand with and for Lenda Sherrell – the best candidate for the job.”


Alice Nunnery, retired registered nurse, Murfreesboro.

“I stand with Lenda Sherrell and I approve this ad because it clearly points out the difference between Lenda Sherrell and Scott DeJarlais on the issues important to women. Dejarlais asked us to forgive him for his past behavior against women, then he voted against the Violence Against Women Act. This is the height of hypocrisy. Lenda Sherrell is an advocate for women, not only on the issues of domestic abuse, but also on equal pay for equal work and reproductive health care for all women. Lenda is the right choice for Tennessee’s women, children and families.”


Sue Parrott, retired Grundy County Circuit Court Clerk, Tracy City.

“I totally support Lenda Sherrell’s position on women’s rights because I feel she has it right.  Lenda has done her homework – she has studied the issues, listened to both sides and then formed a common sense approach to solving the problems facing women. Lenda understands but most of all she cares.”


Jane Tucker, retired high school mathematics teacher, Flat Creek.

“I support Lenda Sherrell and approve this message. We cannot be a Great Society and “turn our backs” when our daughters, granddaughters, sisters, and friends are victims of domestic violence. Tennesseans in the 4th District are better people than to ignore or tolerate mistreatment of our women. Many women are the breadwinners for  their family,  yet they are paid less than a man doing the same work. To pay a female employee less, may not be physical abuse but it is a form of  abuse. I trust Lenda Sherrell to work to protect my granddaughters from physical abuse or paycheck inequality abuse simply because they are female.”